Surf's Up!

Found a cool website? Send it to
and you may see your name in print.

Work odd shifts?

Are you a Dali fan?

Paper airplane designer!

Want to know what your old stuff is worth?

Notable Names Database keeps the facts about famous people
so you don't have to memorize them yourself!

Combining Google Maps with smoke signals and crop circles!!!

The music from this game will fry your brain:

Do not try this stuff at home!

Like puzzles? This one is a doozy!

Feel like painting your house? Benjamin Moore can help:

Online graphical dictionary. See words in relationships with
other words in a way that Webster never imagined!

This is both fascinating and weird:

Cool tool to rearrange your furniture without breaking your back (too much)

Need information on patents? Look here:

Like to try your hand at animation? Go to this site and click on the
Animachines tab at the top.

Who gets Grandma's yellow pie plate?

A Community of Race Fans sharing their
favorite places for their favorite races.

Personal DNA: Your own true self revealed

How taxes really work:

Death and taxes!

Inspirational website.

Turtles racing???

I'm not sure how much you will learn about the news but
it's a fun game nevertheless:

Are you a student of Churchill?

A cool planetarium in your PC!

Another photo sharing site!

Your one stop for all your Department of Motor Vehicle needs

See which starts you look like!

Get your free annual credit report!

A free PDF converter!

Cool interactive weather map:

All about eggs

Pimp your office?

Free professional quality audio samples. Zero advertising.

All about the Aurora!
(Thanks to Steve Leahy for this one!)

Here is a different way to locate people you need
to perform services on your house or business.

Free fonts!

Squashed philosophers (if you are pressed for time!)

All about toons!

Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain!

Want to explore the universe?

Addictive little game!

War on terror...the board game!

A spontaneous adventure for nothing short of the world...

Interested in drugs? Check out the happy little mice first!

CaringBridge offers free, easy-to-create web sites that help
connect friends and family when they need it most.

Looking for a new job? How about professional rodeo cowboy?

Meals matter! Meal planning made easy!

Great scheduling tool

Candy legos!

Who says nothing is free?

Tumblelogs are like blogs with less fuss.

Concerned about credit card debt?

Want to explore the universe?

Notable Names Database keeps the facts about famous people
so you don't have to memorize them yourself!

Combining Google Maps with smoke signals and crop circles!!!

Dumb jokes

Want to learn how to type or to learn to type faster?

Are you a Robin Hood fan?

You think that you have a cool aquarium?

Interplanetary society for the stupid:

Have scissors? Know how to use them?

Should mice have armor? You decide:

Need a sound? Search over a million sounds on the web.

If you have a digital camera and you want to try and understand
the relationship between megapixels, resolution and the maximum
size print you can make, check out this site:

They want to be the web's one-stop resource for country statistics
on everything from soldiers to wall plug voltages.

Here's a cute little game

Tired of getting old?

Nothing beats old-fasioned flashcards except perhaps new-fangled

Top 25 Killer Apps,1206,pg=0&s=26705&a=196169,00.asp

Not too early to start planning your Summer vacation!

Science can be fun!!!

Free time on your hands?

Crazy movie game with office supplies!

Need some first-aid facts fast?

Cool clock:

Ratings of Health Web Sites

Step by step instructions for making things
you never knew you wanted!

Delightfully smart real estate search:

A better clock:

Another compelling game:

The way of the future:

Interplanetary society for the stupid

I can't believe this site didn't make it before Christmas!

Just what should you or should you not put into your blender?

Do you like toast?

Do not try this at home!

Fantastic panorama of NYC

A future Spielberg:

This is a funny little movie!

Create your own maps

Maybe a better DNS will bring happiness to your life?

Real time tracking of airline flights. Well done interface

What you may have been waiting for: ShatnerVision

Want to learn the basics of investing?

Here's a good idea. You tell it what you have and it finds recipes
that use just those ingredients

The gethuman project is a consumer movement to improve the quality
of phone support in the US. This free website is run by volunteers
and is powered by over one million consumers who demand high quality
phone support from the companies that they use.

Ever wished you could fly over Google maps? Well, now you can!

Thinking of moving? Check out your new location here:

Can you draw in MS Paint? Are you sure?

The place for real-life examples of what not to write on a resume

Have you read your Nostradamus for today?

Looking for a hobby with almost no cost?

Just who doesn't like fruitcake?

Like to hike around in the great outdoors? Like to take
your computer with you? So, my first suggestion is to
leave it home but if you must...

Can one ever have enough fonts especially if they are free!!!

Just how beautiful is snow?

Lots of word games!

Hypochondriacs rejoice!

Funny movies

Scary optical illusion

Got kids? Need math? Check this out:

Here's a program that will monitor your links for you!

Get all the coupon codes and save big!

Fascinating test technology from your pals at Harvard

Incredible site for making all kinds of custom signs

Free music downloads!

Aviation buff? Interesting air traffic visualization:

Vexing game! It's aptly named: Demon!

How well do you know your common internet logos?

Has it come to this?

Perfect gift for your mathematically inclined friends:

The parents guide to K-12 success:

Silly little game!

People powered music search!

Time for more games!

Let's say thanks to our servicemen and servicewomen

Another great recipe site:

Missing a users manual? Check here

Hard little game:

Fun little game:

A search engine with eye appeal

Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain

Fun with your fridge!

Never forget an important (or unimportant) to do again

Silly little golf putting game

Two guys hitchhiking to see all 50 state capitals!

Take a byte out of cyber crime

Take the National Drivers Test

Having trouble visualizing how big something is, for example,
when shopping online?

Like to read but hate buying books and going to the library?

Really clever update of the classic snake game

Fantastic murals by Eric Grohe:

Do you read the fine print? Mouseprint does:

Unusual site tracing history of graffiti

Can't afford an ocean voyage? Here's the next best thing?

Disney fan? You ain't seen nuthin' yet!!!

Interested in a summary of the latest health news?

Test drive your dream job!

Questions about the Gods?

The mother of all Tonka Toys!

Interested in those government auctions you have heard about?

I like this one!

Check out this site to find the scenic route!

Never had enough time to study philosophy? Well do we
have a site for you!

Fondly remember your Tom Corbett: Space Cadet lunch box?

Have a GPS?

This is incredible!!!

Great nostalgia site

The Pearl Harbor Survivors are collecting as many stories as they
can from serviceman and civilians see what they already have at:

Nice solitaire scrabble game:

These look quite fascinating!

If you are a videogamers this is interesting. If not
don't waste your time.

Make your own warning labels!

For you techies...Write Only Memory

Live near a lake? Take me fishing!

The top 10 worst company URL's:

The Simplified Spelling Society

What's that bug?

Today's pun!

If everyone started to use this it could be a great community

Yes, there actually is a biblical curse generator on the internet:

Make your own tapestry

Need a new font to spice up your life:

Draw your own jungle:

Always wished that you could draw?

Rate your kid's school

Here is a great site that checks up on statements made by politicians.
You won't believe this but sometimes they exaggerate just a little!

Portrait of America with a gigapixel camera:

Need to support your argument with legal proof?

Free anti-virus and anti-spyware

"Rollyo offers the ability to search the content of a list of
specified websites, allowing you to narrow down the results to pages
from websites that you already know and trust." -- BBC World

How much of your favorite caffeinated beverage does it take to kill

Learn all about Nascar before they build a big track
down by the lake!

Crop circles!!!

Have you always wished you understood just a little
bit more of Einstein's theories? Well here's your

Check out the find of the day!

Start Trek meets King Arthur meets Monty Python!

I didn't make this up:

Here are a couple of quick tips: Holding down the Alt key while
pressing the home key will take IE or Firefox to your home page
and F11 will toggle back and forth between normal and full
screen view in both browsers.

Always wanted an electric car? Hate carrying a cooler? Do we have a
solution for you!

Next time someone tells you that your room (or office or desk or
garage, etc.) is a disaster send them here:

Having trouble getting up in the morning? Check out this
site for some great alarm clock ideas:

More than you probably wanted to know about beards:

Perhaps a visit to the South Pole would cool you off?

Like to have your computer be able to print in your own handwriting!

Like Legos but don't want those little pieces all over your house?

RPG (Role Playing Game) motivational posters. Some are
pretty funny even if you don't know what an RPG is!

Here's a cute idea for those travel photos

Why doesn't your town have a model of the solar system?

Hard to find 800 numbers!

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around:

US Navy drill team on youtube!

Got an urge to try Excel but don't know how to get started?
(Assuming that you have Excel!)

Cute demo of biometric data showing different ways we walk

Mr. Picasso Head. Check this out! Release your inner Picasso.

Visit other peoples wacky backyards:

Paint by teeth???

This guy gets around:

Here are some slightly more complicated versions of Rock, Paper,

Need a fresh lie? Just hit refresh!

Taking a reality-show-style approach to reinforcing their brand, a
US paper towel company gathered up 8 American deadbeats and took
them away to Brawny Academy to turn them into sensitive, helpful,
manly men.

Want to avoid flight delays? Check out this helpful site:

The IBM PC...a look back

Interesting NASA site to explain all about rocket science

Searching for the perfect blog?

See if you know the words to popular songs!

Guerrillas in the mist?

Make a sketch, submit it and get one back!

Hula hoops. That's right. Hula hoops.
Seriously, don't miss this one.

Delicious recipes from the PBS cooking show:

This optical effect is quite fascinating!

Ever wonder what would happen if you threw a bowl of liquid nitrogen
in a pool? Wonder no more!

Want to know the nutritional content of 40,000 different food items?

And you're going to live to be how old?

The Library of Congress has a project to capture historically
significant web pages. SInce it's your tax dollars paying for it
might as well check it out!

Mix your own videos:

Isn't it time you learned celestial navigation?

The art and science of traveling light:

Flying cars

Transportation futuristics

Free stock photos!

Why Pay Full Price? Save with Online Coupon Codes at this site!

The real Mother Goose!

Secret 800 numbers for companies that you love!

Get your annual credit report right here:

The Peabody Awards

Food411 is the ultimate source for everything about food on the web
or so they say!

Products for a greener planet

Going to a theme park this Summer? This site has the inside skinny!

A web-based clipboard which allows you to move information between computers

Free fonts for your computer!

Customized sky charts

Hope for America!

The ABC's of real estate

In case you have been thinking of destroying the earth:

The American fact finder:

How to build a great paper airplane.

Another great recipe site!

Ascii sillyness!

This a strange idea. Have famous people write on a blackboard
and save the blackboard!

Fan of Film Noir?

"The Stock Market Game gives students the chance to invest a
hypothetical $100,000 in a real-time portfolio. They think they're
playing a game. You know they're learning economic and financial
concepts they'll use for the rest of their lives."

Because newer is not always better!

Want to know where to sit next time you take a flight?

Feeling okay?

Like to disassemble?

A fun quiz from the BBC to test your senses:

Are you in business? Then you can play!

Welcome to the twenty-fourth century:

A fun little personality test:

Want to help fight hunger?

Have you been keeping up with the muppets?

Are you a fan of "It's a Wonderful Life"?

What you can do with duct tape:

Wishing you could hear a great speech?

Planning a vacation in the good old USA?

Tales of the future past!

Need to make up quizzes check this out!

Really interesting artist:

Like to play chess. Here's a flash version of the classic:

Great music site! Don't miss this one.

Here is a web-based clone of "Office" for free!

Cheap cooking!

What can you get for $39.00?

Neat aerial photography.

So why isn't the guy who lives in the house of beer cans fat?

Men on Mars? Is such a thing possible?

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Just what it sounds like: Crazy Thoughts!

Are you, or someone you know, disabled.


What happens if Microsoft designed the Ipod?

How about a handy reverse phone directory?

Now, I believe that we have seen everything.

Fascinating site dealing with visual complexity

What should you read next? Take a look at this site.

Annoyed by things that don't seem to work the way they should.
Would you go so far as to describe them as "broken"
This website does:

Ever wonder how strong all the radio stations are that you can
listen to in your area? Of course, you have. Don't be afraid
to admit it. Now you can find out!

Simply recipes. Nothing more to add!

More weird stuff courtesy of the internet:

Test drive your dream job? Check it out!

Have a great idea that you're thinking of patenting?
Check out this site where you can do a patent search!

Top skylines of the world. Great pictures.

This is a really cute action game which requires you to also think!!!

I don't guarantee if this will work and frankly it sounds like
your mom saying, "If all your friends jumped off of a bridge
would you jump too?" but nevertheless...

History of Forensics. Quite fascinating:

Free e-books for your PDA or Ipod

Someone in your house trying to get into college of grad school?

A real challenge for you maze fans!

The sand game...positively addictive!
(In a Zen-like way)

To boldly go...(I know it's a split infinitive)...

World's smallest website

Are you an Ansel Adams fan?

The curse of King Tut!

Really unusual painting technique

Does this one disturb you? Really, there is nothing to
worry about. It's just a work of fiction.

America's best restroom. I am not making this up!

Imagine a site where people with little or no
talent can post their own video!

Like jigsaw puzzles? You will really like this site

Think your job is bad. Check out the worst jobs in history.

Fabulous sand pictures. No seriously!

Fabulous pictures of our earth from space:

This is a little mathematical but quite amazing

Have a great big file to send someone. Try this site.

Nutty stuff people have invented!

Here's one for you Star Trek fans:

Always read the warning label!

Some really cool sounds from outer space:
and look for links to other sounds!

See what's going on inside yourself.

Here's what not to name your baby:

Another addictive game

Viral billiards (really)

Really cool wallpaper

Here is a really novel idea:

Have fun with physics in the ripple tank!

Neat site to show you all the worlds times zones.

Interesting info about the sea. It's like the lake only
much bigger:

Logs made from spent coffee beans?

All kinds of fun with the Hubble Space Telescope!

Tennis anyone? Here's a nice way to while away some time:

Up at night? Then this site if for you!

Twenty questions only this time it's for real

Here's something a little different: An open dictionary!
You can add your own entries.

Have a married friend who plays to many computer games?
Send this link to their spouse!

And now for something completely different: A girl. two guys and
a really long rubber band.

Share information with your friends and family!

The classic game of life (This was in my very first column but the
location has changed)

Newspapers make mistakes?

Who doesn't like cake? Make sure you look at these!

Here's a strange hobby:

Lots of medical information!

Interested in aviation radio?

It's winter so why not enjoy winter carnivals?

Let the computer chase around for low fares:

I can't figure out if this is serious or not? What do you think?

How well do you know your world flags?

Lost something? Pray to Saint Anthony or look here:

Some interesting stuff here:

As a public service we provide a link to this website
that will help to train you to recognize candy bars by
simply looking at their cross section. A valuable life skill

Interesting little flash game that will challenge you!

Nice panoramic photo of Times Square New Years Eve 2005

Incredible world of microphotography. The best of the best:

Artistic tanks? You have to see this!

A search engine that checks, Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves and
gives you the result of all three compared.

Who doesn't like roller coasters?

Feel like a nice cup of java?

Oh, the things people think up to do with their mailboxes:

Here is a whole collection of audio archive sites:

How the other half lives!

Here is a planetarium for your star viewing pleasure.
(Explore the rest of this site while you're at it.)

Here is something that can be very useful. A free collaborative
website where several people can share information and edit it
all under password control.

Free spreadsheets!

Free books as downloadable PDF's

The museum (and gift shop) of mid-century advertising art & illustration.

Want to build your own website? Look here:

Who doesn't like fishing!

For all you musicians out there:

Are you a night person?

Movie cliches

Not sure if I can do this justice. Something different for your

Temporary boredom relief

Great questions of history. Very thought provoking!

Neat tool to find out what search engine results can be found in
a library:

Who says that there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Have a beer!

Four word film reviews. Do you like the idea?

Ever wonder what happened to the cents sign?
Assuming that you know what a cents sign is!

World's largest flag!

Dog humor. What more need I say?

Find the shortest path between any two things!

Take a nice relaxing break:

You won't believe this one (loud music warning)

All kinds of fascinating stuff for your viewing enjoyment

Interesting new puzzle game

Clever little game...quite difficult!

Fascinating site from the Museum of Modern Art. Try the Remix!

Here's a couple of handy checklist in case you have holiday
travel plans.

And now for something completely different: Email yourself a
note that you will get in twenty years!!!

How many seconds are there is a day? If you are really obsessive
compulsive this site will let you watch each one go by

Bored? Here's a site that will fix your right up:

If you like Escher do I have a site for your sore eyes!
And if your eyes aren't sore check out the site and
they soon will be!

Now you can search the full text of books courtesy of Google:

Interesting science site:

Visit parks via virtual reality panoramic shots

Here's a newsflash: Famous people used to be young!

Could you pass the test to become a US citizen?

Cryptozoology? Is this for real?

The Museum of Online Museums!

Doing research? Here'a new page from Google that will help
search for relevant articles

Interested in archeology?

Just how rich are you?

Another incredible new product idea:

Now here's a really useful site

Cool short films from Pixar

More book reviews than you can shake a stick at:

Is all that is holding you back lack of a plan?

Another food site just in case you are hungry.

All about the sun:

All about geologic time!

The Supreme Court of the United State of America

Very clever use of Google Map technology. A virtual

Great selection of web cams from around the world.

Really amazing photos

Fascinating high speed photos

A very smart bird!

Do you love chickens?

Wonder what dinosaur bones you might find in your own backyard?

Help your kids win the science fair:

Useless (but fascinating) Information

Incredible cell phone camera photos

This is an audio/visual treat...move the mouse around and click.

Tons of free clipart

The New York Public Library's Digital Gallery

Is your boss a psychopath?

Like an old fashioned swap meet but online instead.

My idea of a helpful gardener is one that brings you sacks
of fresh produce but...

Surely at least one reader is fascinated by pay phones:
(Or perhaps not?)

The complete works of Shakespeare (and it's searchable)

Vile things (in plenty of time for Halloween)

Don't miss this one!

Free music!

Here's a site where you can transfer large files
(up to 100 MB) instead of having to email them.

There is a fine line between math and art. Isn't there?

In case your French is a little rusty "stylo bille sur papier"
means ball point pen on paper:

Interesting pictures of Mexico

Kind of a neat idea involving a kite and a camera:

All kinds of useful information about the internet

NASA views of New Orleans topography

Haven't you always wished you understood cricket?

If you're going by train, go in style:

Still wondering what to do with all of that duct tape you bought
to protect yourself from a terrorist attack?

Hoax or not?

Genealogy your passion? This might help:

Old cookbooks have been scanned and put online. How about a recipe
for Delicate Indian Pudding from The Woman Suffrage Cook Book:

The web is constantly changing. Here is a site that archives
older web pages to allow you to go back in time:

In honor of the Hilltop Men's Tuesday Lunch Group:

Is your car safe?

Still wish you could get your thrills on Route 66?

Fascinating look at nouns (no really):

Here's something to save for a snowy day inside:

Check this out if you (or someone you love) uses Excel:

Money origami!

All about brains:

Slightly different twist on a driving game.
Go ahead, waste five minutes!

Printable maps from National Geographic

Golly Mr. Science check there applets!

Classic bridge building game now on the web:

Cool site for a cool show:

This is a great idea. Hope it comes to fruition:

In honor of the newly discovered 10th planet:

Handy list of all the ways that Google can help you:

Oh, boy! Another 50,000 recipes

Four candles...

Very cool optical illusion site:

Find out how your schools (or any schools!) are doing

Get out there in the beautiful outdoors!

Keep your shoes tied:

Levers...good waste of a few minutes

Not quite sure what to make of this. Fun diversion?

Warning: Not for the faint of heart:

Protect yourself from identity theft

Incredible street art!

A different sort of game:

Know your rights as a traveler!

Cool paper sculptures

Rationalize rhetoric and it speaks to your mind; personify
her and she speaks to your soul.

The top 100 things I'd do if I ever became an evil overlord

Virtual Calder. What more can we say!

I don't exactly know why but when I saw this site I started
laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face.
Your mileage may vary.

All kinds of crazy mailboxes!

Interesting idea: See both sides of the story from one

Extensive art gallery online:

Well, I'm not too hopeful that this site will make a difference
but I have to support anyone trying to civilize cell phone

Having trouble remembering things? Check out the Memory Master:

Cute little game to find out what kind of entrepreneur
you (or your kids) would be.

Proposed new textbook sticker:

The original Zork as a Php (a web computer language) version.

If you like number puzzles here's something to help
you while away the hours:

Fun little game (if you want to save the galaxy.)

Interesting data about fuel prices plus tips on how to
maximize your fuel economy (link on the left):

Ever wished you could have an ASCII art portrait of your dog?

Here's a new technology. Only works on Windows XP but allows you to
create groups of friends (up to 30) and share files (easily.)

Massive clip art site

"Everybody has to cross the river," is a Japanese site.
In case you don't read Japanese, the following rules apply:
* Only 2 persons on the raft at a time
* The father can not stay with any of the daughters without their
mother's presence.
* The mother can not stay with any of the sons without their
father's presence.
* The thief (striped shirt) can not stay with any family member if
the Policeman is not there.
* Only the Father, the Mother and the Policeman know how to operate
the raft.
To start click on the big blue circle on the right. To move the
people click on them. To move the raft click on the pole on the
opposite side of the river.

Work all day in a cubical?

Google has some great language tools which aren't obvious
from their main page:

Very cool National Geographic site about the forces of

Here is a fun way to write simple little "turtle graphics"
computer programs. Fun for the whole family. Even your pet
turtle can join in.

Intriguing little puzzle (although a little noisy).

You can see the strangest things just by traveling around the
USA or by surfing the web!

It's all about corporate identity

Wash those hands!!! Brought to you as a public service!

Only God (and Cingular) can make a tree?

Who doesn't like miniature golf?

This site will let you simulate sports teams from different eras playing
one another:

How is your lawn looking nowadays?

All the graph paper you could ever want!

Here's a nifty site that will let get organized anywhere
that you can access the internet:

Incredible computer generated images

Great little two-player game:

Ever wished you could have a chat with Darth Vader?

May they rest in peace

This is something different:
Thanks to Nuby Serijan for the link and best wishes
to his Dad and hopes for a speedy recovery.

More house plans than you can shake a stick at!

Support your local police:

Do squirrels really hide their eggcorns?

In the mood for a little elevator music (and film?)

Cool aerial photography

Google hacks. What does that mean?

Ever wished you could make your own photomosaics?

I hope you will like these photos as much as I did:

Are you a do it yourself kind of person with a plumbing problem?

Trying to get organized? Check this out:


All about the A-Bomb

Fun facts about your birthday

I haven't tried this recipe but I sincerely believe that you should
Don't want to type all these links into your browser? Bookmark this

How to start a fire with a can of coke and a chocolate bar.

"Like millions of Americans, you have probably read a newspaper or
magazine article, tuned into a radio or television program, or
searched the Internet to find answers to health questions. If so, you
have probably encountered 'medspeak,' the specialized language of
health professionals."

Need to insult someone but want to do it in a classy way?

Airline photo fan?

Around the world in more than 80 days (by car!)

Website for the most beautiful food magazine in the world.
(At least that's what the website claims.)

Pressed for time? Can't drive in to Syracuse to bird watch?
Check out the falconcam

Remember Danzig's "MOTHER" song? Well, here is another "MOTHER" song
by someone else.

How to kill a mockingbird. Don't miss this one!

And just how long were you planning on living?

Baby boomers who loved cartoons should check this out:

End your word confusion forever!

Sample the delights of the south in your own kitchen!

If you're a hard core car nut you'll like this site!

Your backyard can become a certified wildlife habitat!

Got a beef and want to report it to the feds?$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

Whole lot of shaking going on:

You might think at first glance that this site is not that useful:

Finally, the truth:

Is your city listed?

Amazing zoomable photo!

All about Tsunamis

Interesting idea for next winter. Now we have a reason to look
forward to winter!

Your favorite store doesn't carry your favorite item anymore?
Check out this site:

Why read about bloggers when you can become one for free!

I'm not sure how to describe this but try it.

Sort of a goofy way to waste a few minutes:

This one will drive you batty!

Send a text message to a cell phone.

Tired of getting stuck in voice jail?

Old car commercials to bring back the fond memories!

If you like kaleidoscopes:

More Lego fun!

Lots of games:

Timeline of Rock and Roll!

Remember drawing on the sidewalk with chalk?
What went wrong?

Getting ready to paint but not sure of the color?

You may want to study the math carefully on these pages:

If you are a fan of science fiction conspiracy theories you'll
love this site:

How well can you tell what's coming next in a story?

The Amazing Robot Museum

Planning a business trip overseas?

A little strange...try all the choices at the bottom.
Some are better than others!

I don't know much about art but I know what I like:

Buying, selling or renting a home?

Dumb laws: Slippers are not to be worn after 10:00 P.M.

Jacques Pepin cooks fast food???

Fascinating display of baby names. See how your name
has fared over the years.

(You don't have to hold this one over your head to erase it)

Great images available from Hubble Telescope and others...

A page about Oscar snubs? Yes, only on the internet:

Even though you may be sick of snow at this moment try this:

Really take your time and explore this site. What a hoot!

Origami time!

Interested in watching birds?

The wait is over! I've found the stupidest thing on the internet:

Wait, perhaps I spoke too soon:

Feeling a little stressed? Relax:

Great program to let you see where the space station is
as well as see where all the satellites in orbit are

Read, enjoy but don't try this at home. Give the
poor postal workers and letter carriers a break!

More than you probably ever wanted to know about fallacies:

Having trouble finding chess partners? Here are over 85,000

And if that doesn't work here is a chess game you can
play against the computer and actually watch it thing about
its moves:

Ideas to use when ordering pizza:

Who says lip syncing is bad?

Crazy little game:

This is just plain nutty!

More crossword puzzles than you can shake a stick at!!!

Why go outside to look up at the sky when you can do it
via the internet?

I'm not sure what to say about this one...

Strange buildings:

Help Rocket Bob and waste some quality time!

Some people...

Why you should never post your picture on the internet.

Interested in little tiny critters you can only see with a microscope?

Need to study to be the Trivial Pursuit champ?

Fun little word such puzzle game:

Here's a fun thing to do with an old box!

Ever wonder what a hiccup looks like?

Looking for a recipe? Try this tasty site:

Everyone loves chocolate but how does it work?

I went to a party and there was a young fellow there holding a tiny
video recorder/player in the palm of his hand. He was watching a movie
of himself solving a Rubik's cube and then swimming 50 meters
underwater all on the same breath. It's a big video (~10 Mb) but
quite amazing:

Need a recipe? Here's about 105,000!

A handy spell checker plus lots of useful links

This is an amazing blog by a courageous 32 year old women who died
from an inoperable tumor. She records her last days. It is remarkable.
It made me cry.

Another crazy clock!

Remember Mr. Toad's Wild Ride?
One fan doesn't ever want to forget!

This is a little different:

All you need to know about Bush's second term

Okay, so this is scary

Think you don't have a life?
At least you're better off than this guy.

Kind of a crazy site especially if you like PhotoShop fun.

Hard riddles

Ever wonder about how they do the sound in movies:

Do you know where your states are?

Remember the Farmer's Almanac? Guess what's online now?

All about pastry:

Check this out if you are planning a career as a counterfeiter:,aid,118664,00.asp

Have babies or know someone who does?

Forget the Carrier Dome! Here's what we need:

Here's a nice idea for winter:

This is truly awesome:

A cardboard house?

Fascinating diary from a WWII US Soldier who was a POW

Get useful info from your cell phone:

I don't know why I love sites like this? Makes me wonder how we
got along before the internet!!!

Very strange!

Quite a balancing act!

Incredible National Geographic photography:

Do you remember Monitor radio on NBC?

Don't you just love how the internet reveals things that you
might never have imagined to exist?

Need a calendar?

And now a link about snowflakes supplied by our very own
editor: Ellen Leahy...

Interested in the middle ages?

A birds-eye view of a bird flying!

The holidays bring people together and before you know it
everyone is talking about genealogy. Here's a site that
can help:

Santa didn't bring you a flight simulator? Try this one for free!

Game that's a little bit different:

Don't look at this site:

Turns out that when you get one of those 404 errors you aren't the
only one that is upset:

Try to resist this:

Air hockey fan? Play here for free!

Going camping? Check out this site for reservations:

Believe it or not Ripley's has a website:

The holidays mean time for crafts:

Into rare music, vinyl records and used CD's?

Fantastic ray-tracing drawings and animations:

Incredibly large hole in the ground:

Like classic movies?

If you've ever wondered how things are made - products like candy,
cars, airplanes, or bottles - or if you've been interested in
manufacturing processes, like forging, casting, or injection molding,
then you've come to the right place:
(Make sure you watch the one about airplanes!)

Want to spice up your email? Steal some of these!

All about phobias:

Incredible story (and a long walk!)

Great site where you can keep up with the goings on at the
British Tarantula Society

Here's a handy cheat sheet to help you get the most out of Google

The movie Scream, as re-enacted by bunnies, in 30 seconds:

A short film:

A great illusion (watch the film):

A great flash game:

Unreal zoom effect (click and drag mouse):

A flash life game:

Lots of optical illusions

Cute little moon cave game:

Fun site for kids!

America's Goofiest Patents

Serious or not? Make sure you scroll to the bottom and read the
Microsoft entry.

Like to watch stuff get blown up!!!

Not feeling so well or just want to play doctor?

Fascinated by photojournalism? Take a peek:

Got a lot of time to kill?

You gotta see this!

Neat way to get together and reach consensus:

Stop misusing the apostrophe'

Photography your passion?

Are you a nitpicker?

Cool NASA Solar System simulator

Not for the squeamish: Heart surgery simulator!

I supply this link only in an effort to show you how apples
inferior to New York State apples are displayed on the web.
Recipes would, of course, be improved with local apples.

Visit a park!

This game will make you dizzy!

Maybe someone should start a New York Gazette

Worthy cause:

This will drive you off your rocker in just minutes!

Today's educational moment: How bone china works!

Wouldn't a burger be good right now? Try this recipe:

And just what time is it?

Scientific American's top 50 science websites

See the Northern lights from the safety of your computer screen!

Cute little color test:

Want to search for something related to the US government?
Here's Google's Uncle Sam search page:

Miss the golden days of radio? Now you can relive them thanks to
the internet!

Great online encyclopedia:

You can lose a lot of time on this game!

Need a flu shot?

How to tell if you're an American.

Admit it, you have always wanted to be a dinosaur!

Another attraction in Iowa

If you've got a thing about Reuben sandwiches have
we got a site for you!

Mysterious aircraft:

More interesting optical illusions!

Check this out if you've been computing for a while!

Fascinating use of the Windows Sound Recorder

Ever wonder about what happens when something big strikes the earth?
Short answer: Be somewhere else!

Pictures that may make you dizzy!

Play the piano? Like some free sheet music?

Here's a clever idea. Start your own state:

Play 20 questions with the computer:

More incredible panoramic photography:

Fun little game:

You just simply have to see this:

Are you a young person with a great idea?

Want something else to worry about? Is your home as energy
efficient as it should be? Learn all about it including
suggestions that might save you money:

Are roller coasters your passion? If so, check out this

It's good to be green! ("Think globally, recycle locally.")

This year be prepared for Winters icy blast:

Cats forever?

Unusual look at faces:

Like to do a crossword puzzle everyday?

Great little game. Use the arrows to move the big dot
to the gray square. Avoid the little dots. Sounds
easy doesn't it?

Can I interest you in a bicycle with square wheels?

Is your favorite part of going to the movies the previews
of coming attractions? If so you'll love this site!

Hidden secrets of the Grand Canyon

Love trivia?

Help for the kids with their homework!

The beginning of books that will hook you?

This is so strange I'm not sure I can explain it.
You should know that August Strindberg is a 19th
century Swedish playwright. No word on whether or not he
really had a pet helium balloon.

Line in an old house or maybe you want to?

A site just for us!!!

Tired of the way your screen looks? Check out this site:

Don't miss this:

Isn't it time for you to learn another made up language?

Here's a handy site that will let you make all kinds of calendars

Are you a 19th Century American Man?

Want to get the Windows XP Service Pack 2 without having to download
it? You can get it for free here (even the shipping is free!):

Why anyone would want to cook restaurant food at home is beyond me
but, just in case you do...

An apartment lit entirely with LED's!

More 30 second movies reenacted by bunnies (I'm not making this up)

For you aviation buffs, here's a great site where you can listen to
ATC and watch approach radar:

Lot's of things I'll bet you didn't that Yahoo will do for you!

Free money? Well, maybe! Another service of your government!

Road trip! All about our passion for highway road trips!

Some like it hot!

Who doesn't like lemonade?

Now I've seen everything:

Interesting animated zoom in this mapping software:

Don't want to be seen wearing an aluminum foil hat?

Great mystery game!

What else can I say but this is an odd site:

Want to have a pet but don't have the time, energy or funds to take
care of it properly?

Had enough?

If you are interested in architecture, especially tall architecture,
check this out:

Cool weather site. Add you city and state and you can get weather
stickers that allow you to add weather to your own web page.

In honor of Lance Armstrong's Sixth Tour de France win:

Just what you need to run down to the grocery store to pick up some
milk (quickly).

Here's a handy site to find useful government websites where
I suppose you could go to complain if government wasn't being useful:

Who doesn't love maps?

Those crazy New Yorkers!

If you are a sci-fi fan and especially like Heinlen check this out:

This is a very cool idea:

Now here's an idea for a fun-filled community event:

Looking for prices of autos, boats and motorcycles?

Tired of the current crop of campaign commercials?
Here are some from days bygone:

Did you know that scrapbooks, of all things, are making a big

World's Largest Collection of World's Smallest Versions of World's
Largest Things. I just like that title:

Weird foods that you probably wouldn't like all that much:

More incredible panoramic photos:

Just, what we-need, a guide; to punctuation!?!?!?!::

This is scary:

Don't miss this if you're a Led Zeppelin fan!

The Exorcist in 30 seconds, reenacted by bunnies, Really.

Entertaining little game for all you gold-diggers out there:

Now perhaps you have seen everything:

Are you a science fiction fan?

Lots and lots of home improvement ideas!

Have a wild desire to swat some flies but there aren't any handy?

Fascinating little game:

Handy dictionary of medical abbreviations:

Want to build your own computer?

Very compelling web site from Britain's National Museum of Science:

More balloons than you can shake a stick at!

Nostalgic for old motels?

Don't have time to scribble? Let the computer do it for you!

If you just check one link from this column...make it this one!

This is a fun little drawing tool:

Learn about exciting new words!

And just who doesn't like singing carrots!

I'm not quite sure what to make of this site:

For all of you sailors out there:

Cute little railroad game a with catchy theme song:

Like to play in the MUD? It's not what you think:

Lobster Liberation Front?

Is there a parallel universe?

In case you have a plan to take over the world you might want
to check this site out (skip down to the list.)

Want to know if a business is trustworthy? Check out the good
old Better Business Bureau--now online!

Really bad country song titles:

Big TV fan? You'll love this site if you are!

Incredible WWII airplane training films!

Is a reverse mortgage in your future?

You need to look at this site! This is not origami like
you've seen it before!

Soothing sounds including a howling hairdryer?

Translate any web page into Elmer Fudd speak (among others)?
How useful!

Passionate about microphones? No, seriously:

Interesting webcam that you can move around to see Seattle:

Looking for a doctor? Who knows better than the AMA?

Plagued by allergies? Here are lots of links to useful information

The top 10 weird things in space.

Very unusual game where you need to figure out a new language:

Do you always pack too much stuff when traveling?
Here are checklists for packing for every kind of trip!

Do you miss those old electric bowling machines you played in bars!

For all you golfers:

From the site: After reading a great story, poem, play, essay, or
critical article, you may want to know more. The Internet provides all
kinds of information to aid your research, so we've compiled LitLinks
annotated to show you what kinds of information about a work, its
author, or period you'll find on each site.

Does this sound like a good idea or not?

Know something about who you are voting for:

Quite a clever animation:

Game that will help you improve your typing skill!

Interested in understanding how cloning works?

Fabulous documentary about space!

Concerned about identity theft? Lots of info here:

Seinfeld and Superman...Pretty good even for a commercial.

Good wholesome food...

Good wholesome family fun...

Just how much do we owe?

An interesting take on different international (and domestic) accents!

A different way of looking at the news

See what happened on any day!

A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer

SkyHigh has announced plans to start service to the Finger Lakes

Make your favorite restaurant foods at home although we're
not sure why you would want to!

Fascinating facts about the presidency:

Great site to make your own caricatures!

Did you own a Scwinn Sting-Ray? It's back!

Really quite amazing:

Learn about history from the people who were there:

Why do I want this car so badly?

Fun facts about telemarketers and home phone service from your

Don't try this at home?

Fascinating way to tell time!

Tax time!

On July 8, 1853, residents of Uraga on the outskirts of Edo, the
sprawling capital of feudal Japan, beheld an astonishing sight. Four
foreign warships had entered their harbor under a cloud of black
smoke, not a sail visible among them. They were, startled observers
quickly yearned, Two coal-burning steamships towing two sloops under
the command of a dour and imperious American. Commodore Matthew
Calbraith Perry had arrived to force the long-secluded country to open
its doors to the outside world.

A different approach. This site tells you when to sell
mutual funds not when to buy!

More about shoelacing than you ever thought possible!

Golly Mr. Science lots of timelines about the history of science:

Lots to learn about the Colosseum in Rome:

Nice to know as you file your taxes...

For all of you Ernest Tolstoys out there:

The future is now!

The 100 most often mispronounced words and phrases in English:

Just what we need: a game that allows you to have a
snowball fight indoors!

Hate financial planning?
The designers of this site had you in mind!

A text based adventure game where you get to be Hamlet!

Always dreamed of becoming an Egyptologist? Check out this site:

All but forgotten oldies: Rediscover your favorite songs from the
sixties and seventies:

Ever wonder if you forgot about a bank account that you
opened when you were 5? Check this site out for information
on how to find out about such unclaimed rewards!

Spring is almost here but just in case:

And in case you don't believe that it's warming up check this out:

Are you a veteran looking for information? Here's a nice site
which compiles links to lots of sites with information of
interest to veterans:

Stop the presses! This may be the most exciting development
since the Popeil Pocket Fisherman!

Several US presidents secretly taped the conversations in
their office. Hear all about it here:

There are about six billion people on the planet. This site
trys to tell us some of their stories:

Ever wonder if you forgot about a bank account that you
opened when you were 5? Check this site out for information
on how to find out about such unclaimed rewards!

Remember how Mom told you to never look into the Sun?
Now you can via this website:

A faster, better behaved Windows XP

Want to know if something you own has been recalled by
the manufacturer? Check out this government site:

Interesting Mars site:

Into antiques? Check put this site!

Top 10 satellite images of 2003. Incredible detail...worth
a look!

If you are involved with web page design take a look at this:

This is incredible! Don't miss it!

The American Field Guide for you outdoors types:

For you cat owners:

Handy social security estimator.

This takes the cake for nutty adventures: A couch you
can pedal through the forest!

Who would have thought something as simple as breathing
could be so complex!

This is a very handy gadget. Puts a google search box right into
your browser:

Want to contact your senators or representative?

Appears that the Web is going to the dogs!

Hate it when you accidentally press the caps lock key?
This site has a free program that can disable it!

You are getting sleepy...very sleepy...

All the news that's fit to eat!

Car of the future. Just the thing for that commute into Syracuse?

More than 200 newspapers submit their front pages to the
newseum every day. Check them out here:

Interested in learning a foreign language?
Let the BBC help you out:

Ever wish you hadn't missed out on making the Bayeux Tapestry?
Thanks to the internet you now have a chance:

Handy reference site for search engines, phone numbers, zip codes
and lots more useful information:

Ever been really annoyed at your lawn mower? Seek professional
help before doing what these guys did:

Your guide to reliable health information:

All kinds of information about your home sweet home!

Math and music?

Like robots?

Wouldn't a nice plate of pasta taste good right now?

Think you're smart? Take this test and find out:

Very comprehensive travel site:

Fairly impressive 3D miniature golf game:

Not quite sure what to make of this site. If you ever wanted a
green thumb maybe this will change your mind?

Seventy-five years of British Pathe newsreels available online!

Little tiny books

Strange little collection of simple games

All about our planets (and other heavenly bodies):

"Fantastic Plastic" is devoted to the weird, the wonderful, the odd,
the radical, the exotic and the just plain cool vehicles that have
been captured in polystyrene (and resin) over the past half century.

Think you know a lot about the world?
Take these quizzes to find out!

Are you an aviation enthusiast? Here's a site with lots
of interesting aircraft information:

Are you driving your kids crazy? Tell them to check out this

This is what you might be watching on TV if you lived in France:

Ever wonder exactly what your heart does? Click here to find out!

Brrrrr! It's cold outside! Don't let Jack Frost nip at your toes!

Looking for the perfect quote. Take a look at this site:

For all you cat lovers out there:

In the real estate market? This site lets you search by
location, location, location, price, square footage and more!

For all you Bogie fans out there:

This is a really cool collection of pictures from space. And what's
even better is that you have already paid for them!

Ever wished you could paint like Picasso?

Ever want to search for domain names on the internet using wild card
characters? Now you can:

A new way to look at time:

Is your pet not feeling too well? Here is a great site with
loads of information about the health (or lack thereof) of
your pet:

What was everyone looking for on Google in 2003?

Great site with National Geographic's top 10 stories of 2003:

Now you too can learn how to make crop circles right in your own backyard
(corn field):

Need a calendar for 2004? A planner? Lots of templates for Microsoft Word:

Interesting educational site about arctic exploration:

Wondering about requirements to be a teacher in various states.
All your questions may be answered here:

Ever make those paper snowflakes. Now you can do it electronically!

Now ordinarily one would say that origami and motorcycles don't mix
but then one would be wrong:

An inspirational site with a great message:

Interesting site if you are interested in woodworking or chemistry!

Information about taking great pictures from who else? Kodak:

Emily Post is spinning in her grave!

Enter your birthday and find out who you are younger than and who you
are older than; plus how old you were when some significant historical
events occurred:

Nice collection of reference tools with an easy to remember name:

Who doesn't like Christmas cookies?

Interested in supporting our soldiers?

More than you will ever need to know about Christmas trees:

You may be familiar with Microsoft's Flight Simulator and even X-Plane
both of which cost something to own. Here's a flight sim which is
absolutely free.

Lots of information about the flu:

In case you are hungry for knowledge about the Federal Reserve
Banking System (and who knows some readers may be...)

Next time you're trapped inside by the snow check out this site
about Antarctica and you won't feel so bad:
(Note: Make sure you check out the "Guidebook for Distinguished
Congressional Visitors" which links off the main page.

If you are interested in digital photography you might find this

This is a very interesting site which explains common idioms
that we use everyday!

As long as we have all this snow we should learn all about it!

In case you don't have enough to worry about here's where you can
find out about all government recalls:

Nice site if you like holiday crafts:

Next time you go over to Montezuma to watch birds make sure that
you're equipped with the latest bird checklists:

If you're a big Clint Eastwood fan you'll be in heaven when you click
on this site!

Nice government map sites (please, click only if you like maps):

Take a look at this if you are an Olympics fan:

Interesting site for all you history buffs and history teachers.
Lots of resources and information:

Flash version of an old arcade classic:

Garrison Keillor's famous writer's almanac:

Find out the status of flights before leaving for the airport:

Here's another submission by loyal reader Amber Spain: This site gives
all sorts of statistical and interesting information (which is not to
say that statistical information can't be interesting) for any city
you ask about--even Skaneateles and Marcellus!

Have you ever wished that someone would create a picture that had well--
everything in it? Well, someone has:

Great short animations from the leader in computer generated images:

Here is a site that allows you to take any huge long web address and
shrink it down! You just go to this website, submit it, and it will
give you a tiny url to use instead. The new url never expires. Coutesy
of loyal reader Amber Spain:

Time's coolest inventions of 2003. I wonder how they know since 2003
isn't over yet!!!

As long as we're on the subject of inventions here are some strange

Use Outlook Express? Check this out:

Have a friend whose a big military fan and a model railroad nut
and you can't think what to get him for Christmas?

Up, up we go!

A new hobby?

All about the Hubble Space telescope

Always room for sculpture:

This is great!

Useful site for government info:

Golly Mr. Science!

Soups on!

The things people dream up!

Just in case you're thinking of storming a castle...

All about numbers. What's your favorite?

Just how smart are you?

Fascinated by statistics?

This is fascinating! Plants can move!!!

How's your facial hair?

Free phone calls?

Interesting game:

Interested in geneology?

Halloween Fun!

Haven't had enough World Series yet?

I don't believe it either...

See what ebay can do to you!

For someone who has almost everything!

Are you a big quilting fan?

Look up where you live to find out if you're happy or not!

Don't fall into the hole and do press the red buttons!

Shopping for a new or used car? Check this out:

An artist who is out standing in his field

Halloween fun!

Don't want to type all these links into your browser? Bookmark this

Let's go for a boat ride!

Got a match?

Just how are movies made?

Next time your taking a trip give 'em a try:

The wonders of digital retouching:

Do you have the right credit card?

How does the comet feel?

Too easy a game?

Once again some people have too much time on their hands:

Have something that needs fixing?

Hockey time!

You gotta have heart!

Too much time on your hands:

Interested in geneology? This site might help:

Another reason to hate mosquitos:

Some people have too much free time on their hands.

Don't have anything to do?

Halloween is coming!

At last!

Wouldn't a cookie hit the spot right about now?

Interesting little test...

Fun little game:

So what's going on down south?

Very useful site!

Learn to speak the mother tongue properly!

3D Fun

Got kids? College in the future? You'll need a map:

Bored with local geology?

A classic!

For all you biblical scholars out there...

How things are made (need a high speed connection for this one!)

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It's off to college we go!

Wanna see Abner Doubleday spin in his grave?

Where to go if there's a fire:

Just the FAQ's!

What exactly should you be doing?

Remember "The Endless Summer"?

All about space:

And just who doesn't like Vanna?

And now for something really disgusting:

All about how they do the sound in movies

Don't know how to get in touch with your local public officials?

Like the taste of restaurant food but still want to wash dishes?

Read the driving rules!

Pick your own M&M colors!

Your tax dollars at work:

Wonder what Industrial Light and Magic is up to?

Looking for a hobby while waiting for the snow to melt?

This will drive you crazy!

Could you be a geek?

For all you Bob Hope fans:

Always wanted to be a writer?

And you thought PWC were a problem!

Mac lovers unite!